● -Updated 15 Million Stealth
● -Added Name Changer (CLICK TO SEE PICTURE)
● -Added Map Mods (Load Custom Maps)
● -Fixed No Wanted Level
● -Added Parachute to Player (fall with a Parachute above Selected Player.)
● -Added Rain Airstrikes at Player
● -Added Roll Down or Up Vehicle Windows
● -Added Hash ESP Gun
● -Added Heal Gun
● -Added Rainbow Plate (vehicles Plate turns Rainbow Colors)
● -Added Rapid Rainbow Color (for Vehicle)
● -Added Vehicle Jump (press Space to Jump arround with your Vehicle)
● -Added One Shot Kill (BEST THING EVER)
● -Added ESP Nearby Peds
● -Added ESP Nearby Vehicles
● -Added Name ESP
● -Added Hide Map (hide completely the Minimap)
● -Updated Vehicle Fly
● -Updated Stick Vehicle to Ground
● -Updated Teleport Players Vehicle to Me
● -Fixed Small Bugs
The Next Update will be Huge and with alot of Fancy stuff that you will like.